Now that we're neck-deep into 2016, and that we've made some significant progress in the background, we're happy to share more details with our first project, Centration: Survival.

We're not quite ready to show off any screenshots just yet - pretty much all visuals are full of debug info trailing off the left side of the page and debug airvolumes are littered all over the place.

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CentNet is our authentication API that we developed for Centration. It's an API that allows us to manage all aspects of an account for our players; both in-game and on our website and additional third party softwares through plugins.

CentNet is an ongoing project that we intend to release along with site software and plugins to enable other developers to benefit from not having to create their own authentication APIs.

We hope to have more information and a working demo of CentNet in the next year, so keep an eye out for that.

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noms on 25/08/2016

There's nothing really new to report here, but I thought I should post an update.

Our team all work part time, and as a result of this we rarely have 'free time' to dedicate to things like this project. We're making steady and slow progress, and plan on putting together a tech demo which combines all our efforts soon.

Make sure you click below and sign up on our new forums over at angrydot.net, our team website.

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