Your suit oxygen is venting, you're starting to freeze. The atmosphere of your station has already vented and you're starting to panic now. All your crew are dead or missing; and you can feel the deep vibrations of the station falling apart around you. You have one mission left: Survive.

What is Centration?

Centration is (or will be) a multiplayer space survival game based in space on board space stations. You and your crew must work together to survive all sorts of disasters and events. Want to get involved? Scroll down for more

Played in first-person, it blends survival, team work and a simulated space environment to allow players to create their own emergent gameplay.

Heavily inspired by the game Space Station 13 one of the finest sci-fi sandbox simulations available, Centration will include full airflow simulation, power grid, crafting and construction.


Set in a deep living universe

As a UniTech employee, part of a groundbreaking expedition using state-of-the-art technology to a solar system far away, you arrive with thousands of other colonists, from different walks of life and different political affiliations.

Whatever your political affiliation or goal of coming to the Keplar-16 solar system, one thing is certain: You're only going to survive if you work together.

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