Development Blog

12th Nov 2020         Noms

A few days ago as I was checking through Discord messages, I noticed a member of the community brought to our attention that some repositories of links/information were displaying Centration as "dead" or abandoned. A couple of years ago, this wouldn't have concerned me so much, we had our heads down...

12th Nov 2020         Noms
ANGRY. / Angry Engineers Entertainment is now Toolbox Games

The group of people who are working on Centration have changed a lot over the last few years. We've said goodbye to some of our crew and even some of our friends, but we've also made some new friends along the way. It's been a very bump...

12th Nov 2020         Noms
Welcome to the new Centration website!

For the better part of 3 years, our website has just sat there, a monument to our neglect and fuel to the naysayers who claim Centration is dead, and that we're no longer working on it. We decided that needed to change, and so I have spent the better part of...