Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a collection of frequently asked questions, and their answers. Please note all information on this page is subject to change; and information here will be updated as and when necessary.

  1. Is Centration still being developed?

    Yes. We are still developing the game.

  2. When will Centration be released?

    We don't know. It will be ready when it's ready.

  3. Why did the steam store disappear?

    We felt that our current product wasn't playable, and it was wrong to sell it on Steam through Early Access; as many people on the platform believe that Early Access games should be near completion and stable, and we did not want to give this impression.

  4. Will Centration have Modding?

    Yes. Centration will have modding.

  5. Will Centration be free?

    At this time, we do not have any pricing for the game, however we do not intend to release it for free.

  6. How do I buy Centration?

    Centration is not currently for sale. However you can support development through Patreon.

  7. What Engine are you using to develop Centration?

    We are utilising the Unreal Engine engine.

  8. Can we follow development progress?

    Yes. You can go to the development blog to see the latest information, or you can join our discord.

  9. Will there be clowns?


  10. What happened to the smaller games you planned on working on?

    We decided to shelf other projects with the goal of dedicating ourselves to a streamlined vision of Centration.

  11. What will the size of the game be?

    Impossible to tell at this stage. At the moment, the internal dev build is around 8.5GB in size.

  12. What is a CentNet account?

    CentNet was our internal accounts system that we used prior to putting Centration on Steam. All CentNet account should have recieved a steam key via email by now, as we are phasing out support for CentNet.

  13. When can we play?

    We plan on supporting development branch updates and play again soon. More information on this will be released with development blogs in the future.