The Core Pillars

Centration is designed around four core pillars, each represent a core and integral part of what makes up the experience we are trying to create.


Roleplay is at the core of the Centration experience. When you join a station you're adopting the role of a crewmember, with a personality, ideals and flaws. We want players to immerse themselves into that character as it delivers the most rewarding and engaging experiences.

Emergent Gameplay

Each shift is designed to play differently, taking your experience and turning it into more gameplay. How you play the game determines how the game progresses.


Centration isn't a typical "you must eat to survive" survival game. Although eating will benefit you. Survival on a space station takes on a completely different meaning: breathable air, temperature, and pressure.


Cooperation is a core principle behind the gameplay of Centration. And by that we mean both players being cooperative and being uncooperative. Being an online only game, we draw on the unpredictability of human players to deliver a different game, every time.